The Congregational Church of Huntington belongs to the United Church of Christ, whose motto is “That they may all be one.”

The Congregationalist tradition began during the English Reformation and first came to the new world on the Mayflower with the Pilgrims who established Plymouth Colony. While maintaining many Christian traditions, the congregation holds the authority and responsibility for the programs of the church. The congregation owns the building, selects its own pastor, and raises all the funds necessary to operate the church.

Our CCH forebears expressed their vision of the Christian faith when they built our sanctuary in 1965.  By utilizing the best of contemporary church architecture, the founders were able to demonstrate their belief in the priesthood of all believers and the incarnation of the Spirit of God in the world.  With movable chairs and flexible configurations, our sanctuary was designed so that all of us — pastor and congregants — sit on the same level.