Church Council:  Church council coordinates all the work of the church. Composed of the chairpersons of the other committees, the council meets once a month to share plans and guide the church into the future. This is the heart of the democracy we call congregationalism. The Moderator, elected every two years, guides the council.  The Member-at-Large, essentially a committee of one, brings individual congregant’s concerns to Church Council.

Diaconate:  The Deacons look after the spiritual needs of the congregation. They plan for our worship and promote programs to help us all along our faith journeys.

Outreach Ministry:  The many activities of our church to benefit the world outside our doors are coordinated by the Outreach Ministry. They also run programs to raise awareness of important social issues within our congregation and surrounding communities.  Click HERE to see our current programs.

Trustees:  This board is the business group of the church. They take care of our money and our buildings. The work of the Trustees makes it possible to share God’s love.

Membership Committee:  The membership committee brings in new members to the church and develops the relationships of all the congregation members.

Children and Youth Ministry:  This board coordinates our Sunday school program and all the other activities for our children and youth and their families. They work with our Church School director, Ron Rudaitis.