February 2012
Posted at: 17 Feb 2012

One day before Lent, over twenty years ago, I called the local Catholic priest and asked, “Where do you get your ashes?” I went on to explain to him that I had decided to do...

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February 2012
Posted at: 13 Feb 2012

It is very satisfying when a program idea develops across a church year. We all have lots of ideas for new things in the church, unfortunately most of them never make it past the “isn’t...

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January 2012
Posted at: 06 Jan 2012

Merry Christmas, to all of you who still celebrate the twelve days of Christmas. And, Happy Epiphany! Today is the traditional celebration of the arrival of the Magi to visit Jesus. This is the manifestation...

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December 2011
Posted at: 23 Dec 2011

Our church crèche is a lovely, serene, though almost crowded, scene. Mary and Joseph sit with Jesus in the stable. They are watched by shepherds, kings, sheep, cows and an angel floating overhead. I do...

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Posted at: 16 Dec 2011

This past Sunday I preached on the importance of Mary as an inspirational symbol of faith. In contrast to our reformations forebears, many of us see in her a model of strength and faith. Then...

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November 2011
Posted at: 25 Nov 2011

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. It was a great day for us to be with friends and family and celebrate the blessings of our lives. As always one of the most important blessings...

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October 2011
Posted at: 21 Oct 2011

It is almost impossible to miss the news coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protest being held in New York. This campaign has attracted attention from around the country and inspired similar protests around the...

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October 2011