CCH Congregator Weekly May 3, 2019

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Church Building

I spent more hours that I had planned in an old dusty file cabinet yesterday morning. I was searching for records and plans for the construction of the fellowship hall wing of our church. I found some building specifications, but no drawings.

The fascinating part, and what led to so much time, was looking through saved correspondence among church members concerning the many issues involved with building a new church. I found a population survey by New York Telephone from 1962 that projected a population in Huntington of 404,800 people by 1985. (There are about 200,000 now). Based on that the church projected a membership of 1200 in 1985 with 1040 children in the church school. I hardly even know what to say about that.

Another interesting discussion was about where to locate the new church. One factor was the decision of the Inter-Church Planning and Research Committee of the Suffolk County Council of Churches. They had to approve the site to insure that it was not too close to other churches. Apparently there was some controversy as one of our church founders, Wesley Hotchkiss, remarks in a letter that, "This is a rather sordid story of the opposition of the Huntington ministers to our coming into the town." I would like to know more about that.

I was doing this research because we are beginning to the process of renovating the fellowship hall wing of the church. Between the dated design, lack of insulation, inadequate bathrooms, rundown kitchen, rusting walls and falling window panes we have a big mess. This is become more than a cosmetic issue, it is fairly critical. The first step in the process is deciding how we want to use the hall in the future. We need your help with that. You will be receiving an email with a link to a brief survey to begin to gather information and we will hold meetings on this Sunday, May 5 and on May 19 to solicit the congregation's views as we start this process. I hope you can help with this important process. (And let me know if you see any old architectural drawings laying around.)

See you in church,

Pastor Mark

Bring Deposit Bottles and Cans to Church

Riley Fitzsimmons is collecting deposit bottles and cans at the church as part of her Girl Scout silver project. Please bring clean deposit recyclables and place them in the garbage can behind the curtain in the Fellowship Hall. This fundraiser is part of her effort to raise enough money to replace the Peace and Plenty refrigerator in the church pantry.

Upcoming Events    

        Sunday, May 5
               Welcome to the Communion Table
               Intergenerational Service with Communion at 10:00 AM
               Fellowship Hour at 11:00 AM: Moores/Lelievre Families
               Fellowship Hall Renovation Listening at 11:30 AM
               Confirmation Class at 11:30 AM
          Monday, May 6
               Peace & Plenty Lunch Program at 6:30 PM
           Tuesday, May 7
               Council Meeting at 7:30 PM
           Thursday, May 9
               Bell Choir at 6:00 PM
               Choir Rehearsal at 7:30 PM
            Sunday, May 12
               Worship Service and Church School at 10:00 AM
               Fellowship Hour at 11:00 AM
            Monday, May 13
               Peace & Plenty Lunch Program at 6:30 PM
               Trustees Meeting at 7:30 PM
            Thursday, May 16
               Bell Choir at 6:00 PM
               Choir Rehearsal at 7:30 PM

A yoga class is being offered to all adult church members on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00 pm in the Sanctuary. Bonnie and Kristin bring their long-standing love of yoga and their instructor Marie Cruz to the CCH community. Yoga offers many positive benefits to the body, mind and spirit through the practice of meditation and mindfulness. As another busy holiday season approaches, yoga can help us find the balance we all  seek. The class is $20.00 per session. For more details call Bonnie or Kristin at 516.922.9525 or Sue at the Church office.

Joys and Concerns


Our prayers are with Skip McGowan and his family on the passing of his brother, Todd, this past week. Todd, 58, had been ill for some time with a variety of ailments. We will hold a memorial service at the church at a future date.

Worship Calendar

May 5: Welcome to the Table Communion Service
Join us as we celebrate communion with our children who have completed the Welcome to the Table program. 

Pastor's Book Group

One of the most pressing issues of our time is the rise of hate groups and white supremacists. The next book of the Pastor's book group tackles this concern. Eli Saslow, a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist for the Washington Post has written the story of a prominent white-supremist, Derek Black (his godfather was David Duke), who has a change of heart and repudiates his racist upbringing in a prominent op-ed in the New York Times. The book is “Rising Out of Hatred: The Awakening of a Former White Nationalist,” by Eli Saslow.

This is a fascinating account of the world of white supremacists, but, even more so, how Black was able to change. The ability to overcome prejudice is a critical issue in our country right now and this book should stir lots of discussion. We will hold our next meeting on Tuesday, June 11, at Jane Madden-Koch's home.

Volunteers Needed
Northport Food Pantry

We collect food for the Northport Food pantry each week at our church. Please place donations in the box by the church office.

Peace and Plenty Food Outreach:   Peace and Plenty meets every Monday at 6:30 PM to prepare food for children at need in Huntington.  You are invited to help make sandwiches and prepare snacks for children in Huntington. They are also in need of donations of lunch meats and cheeses, fruit and healthy snacks.

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