CCH System Upgrade

What is the first thing to do when your computer or cable TV isn’t working right? You reboot. This is easily done, just unplug the thing, wait ten seconds, and then plug it back in. It is like a miracle cure. Fast, easy, and it often works.

I’ve been using that metaphor for the church this year. That is it time for a church reboot. We are making some real changes in almost every area of church life. but reboot isn’t really the right metaphor. More like a significant system upgrade.

CCH is in a strong place right now. We have wonderful lay leadership, our finances seem to have stabilized, and I am blessed to work with a great staff in Ron, David and Sue. This provides us with a real opportunity to make improvements that will insure that we stay vital for the future. I am psyched for the upgrades we are making for our entire ministry:upgrade

  • New Church School Curriculum: Ron is working with the Children’s and Youth Ministry to implement an entirely new curriculum called Living the Word. Based on the Narrative Lectionary it will lead the children through a chronological walk through the Bible. It is easy for our teachers to use and we feel it will make a real difference in teaching the Bible.
  • Worship and Preaching: We also plan some real changes in worship. David is looking at different music and instruments to enhance our already strong music program. The Deacons and I have decided to change the scripture readings to the narrative lectionary to provide a new look at the Bible in worship. I am thrilled for the challenge of addressing different Bible passages and I know that my heightened enthusiasm will be seen in my preaching.
  • New Members and Visitors: The Membership committee is expanding our use of social media to reach new members and leading a redesign of our church website. If you are computer person we would use your help on our new site.
  • Mission Funding and Volunteers: Our Outreach committee is leading a review of the way we fund mission projects with a goal to reorder our priorities at the 2017 annual meeting.
  • Noah’s Ark Nursery School: This fall we will welcome 32 new four-year-olds as part of the Universal Pre-K program that we were awarded by the Harborfields School district.

There is a lot to look forward to at the church this fall. But, let’s not rush things. It is still summer. Enjoy


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