Even if I was around in 1955 I am certain that I would not have been a founding member of The Congregational Church of Huntington. I would have liked to have started such an endeavor, but I would not have attended the initial organizing meeting. It was held on Halloween. Can you believe it? October 31, 1955 was the first meeting of the group that started our church. That group is more dedicated to church than me. I may have gone trick-or-treating at their door, but I wouldn’t have been doing any planning on such a night.


Even if they were a little crazy, I am deeply indebted to the work of those church planters. Because of their dedication to the mission of Jesus we have this wonderful building in which to worship, and, more importantly, the town of Huntington is, I am convinced, a better place. Their vision of a liberal Christian church has helped to shape programs and beliefs that have made our town the place it is today. The founders of our church left a clear legacy that is benefiting generations after them. Not just a bequest of money, but a true legacy of values and beliefs.

What kind of legacy are you leaving? it can be a scary question. Each of us have a deep desire to leave a mark when we are gone. For some it will be in their work, or their family. For others it may be in a school, or a community. One thing you can be sure of, as a part of our church, you are creating a wonderful legacy. This legacy is not just the building or the endowment, but it is the mission of compassion and peace as taught by Jesus. We, together, are continuing a tradition of loving our neighbors as ourselves in such a way as to shape not just this institution, but the lives of our descendants.

This Sunday is our memorials Sunday in which we remember family and friends who have passed away in the previous year. It is a time to remember and to give thanks for their lives. We are who we are because of who they were. But it is also a time to reflect on our own legacy, and to dedicate ourselves to continuing the best of our ancestor’s traditions.


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