Ancora Imparo

At the age of 87, Michelangelo wrote in the margin of a picture of Father Time, “Ancora imparo.” Translated, “I am still learning,” that Italian phrase could easily be the motto of any Christian, or any religious person for that matter. We often say we are children of God. This describes our relationship to God, but also our perpetual state of searching for new knowledge of God and God’s world. We are blessed such a huge, complicated, messy and crazy world that there is always some new and wonderful thing to learn. Like children we may be sponges to soak in God’s amazing world.

Ancormother earth covera Imparo is also the title of a new speaker series at The Congregational Church of Huntington. Organized by our Membership Committee, the series will feature members of our church presenting programs on their area of expertise. We have a fascinating group of people in this church so the possibilities are large. The first installment in the series will feature Dr. Jane Madden giving a talk on “Home of the Lost Dogs: A Study of the ‘Mother Earth’ Family.”  Jane will share from her Ph.D dissertation on contributors to “Mother Earth,” a communist-anarchist journal published by Emma Goldman in New York City from 1906 until 1917. She will speak on Wednesday, October 16, at 7:30 PM. The series will continue on the third Wednesday of each month.

One of my favorite professors in college, Dr. Williams, was a huge advocate of a liberals arts education. He had spent his career as a professor of religion at this small college in Nebraska. He was also a car buff who enjoyed driving his Porsche 911 on the quiet farming roads of southeast Nebraska. In one of our conversations about the college he stressed his belief in liberal arts by saying, “I don’t think we should hand out diplomas until ten years after a student has graduated. Then each student should be asked to present of a list of what books they have read since graduation and we could evaluate whether they had truly received a liberal arts education.” For Dr. Williams, college was just a door that opened the world of ideas and the best education excites the student to want to learn more their whole life long.

Being a Christian is also a life long learning endeavor as we seek to understand this world that God has given us. I hope you can join us as we learn from our church brothers and sisters about their view of life.


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