CCH Church Update–November 8, 2012

This is post is primarily for our church, but may be helpful to others as well. We continuing power outages and cable problems I am trying to use as many modes of communication as possible.

I want to keep you up-to-date on the status of the church and our programs. We do have power at the church, but this morning our internet and phones are out again. (I am at home writing this where we have power and cable—please call if you want to come over and make use of them)

• Our Noah’s Ark nursery school is closed today.
• The Diaconate meeting was postponed to next Thursday, November 15.
• The adult choir is cancelled for tonight, but will meet at 9:15 AM on Sunday to prepare for worship.
• The bell choir will hold their rehearsal tonight at the church.
• We will have worship as usual at church on Sunday and the confirmation class will begin on Sunday at 5:00 PM.
• The Trustees clean-up day scheduled for Saturday is still on, but we will see what the snow looks like tomorrow. Either way some members may meet at church on Saturday to clean the church and possibly go clean up yard problems for our elderly members.

If your power is still out, be aware that a number of church members have offered spare bedrooms for guests. You do not need to stay cold. Also, feel free to go to the church during the day to hang out. We have had wifi connections, and I assume they will return if you want to use that. If you want to go to the church call me on my cell, 631-680-3574, to make sure it is open or I will meet you there to open up.

Many people have been asking how they may donate items to help with relief efforts. If you bring supplies (food, warm clothing, diapers, gloves, etc) to the church I will make sure they go to where they are needed. You may leave any donations in the food donation box by the church office.

As the recovery from Sandy drags out, and the new snow makes it all worse, we need to remember to take care of ourselves and each other. This is not a short-term, “suck it up,” sort of problem, but a disaster with long lasting physical and emotional effects. I pray that everyone takes care of themselves and tries to be patient and understanding with each other. We will all get through this a little easier if we can stay healthy and be kind to each other.

Please call or email if you need help with anything from rides to a warm place to stay. May God’s spirit give you strength and hope for today and all the days ahead.


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