Strengthening Cupid’s Arrow

It is very satisfying when a program idea develops across a church year. We all have lots of ideas for new things in the church, unfortunately most of them never make it past the “isn’t that interesting” stage. A few inspirations find some supporters and have a start, but soon fade. Occasionally something comes along that not only stirs initial attention, but gathers the right supporters so that it grows over time. There is no one reason one idea dies on the vine and the other flourishes. It is usually a combination of good idea, right time, and competent leaders, or lead committee.

One of the successes of this past year is our Wellness and Spirituality series. It began about a year ago as a theme for summer worship generated by the Diaconate. The sermon series, featuring several of our members sharing their work in this field, led to monthly programs that expand on similar topics. I look forward each month to what our presenters have to say.

Our next program in the series is on healthy relationship and will be led by Dr. Alan Weiss. Alan led a similar discussion for the men’s discussion group last year that was informative and entertaining. That group still talks about the things they learned that morning. This event is being held the day after Valentine’s Day so you can grow the feelings stirred by Cupid’s arrow.


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