Want to Come to Church With Me?

One of the vexing questions for us clergy is why do most people (a large majority) choose to avoid church? I know all the obvious answers: some are atheists, some are busy, some have had bad experiences as children, some think church is boring, and some think church is irrelevant.

I wonder how many people do not attend church just because they do not think of it? Perhaps it is a little like me on a quiet evening. I am just as likely to turn on the TV and watch whatever happens to be on—“Chopped,” “Modern Family,” a classic movie, or even, “Pawn Stars”—just something to relax and unwind. But if a friend suggests going out for a walk, or to a movie, or get together and talk I would probably go out. Inertia and habit are the main reasons I turn on the television.

If I do go out I usually have a good time. I often experience something new, deepen relationships, and I find that my life has been enhanced much more than another couch potato practice session. I just need a little push to do something different.

How many people need someone to say, “Hey, why don’t you join me at church?” If they went they might find an inspiring service, guidance for their children, a chance to serve others, and, even, the wisdom of God to guide their life. (Not to mention great coffee hour snacks). I think that could contribute much more to one’s life than sitting home on a Sunday morning reading the paper, but the idea to go to church just does not occur to them. They need someone to open the door to this new world.

Perhaps you are the one who can extend that invitation. Think of it like telling a friend about a good movie you have seen. We recommend movies, restaurants and stores all the time. Now it is time to recommend church. Your friend may find a very pleasant surprise that will provide wonderful benefits for life.

I know it can be awkward to invite someone to church. That is why we have our “Invite A Friend” Sundays. This Sunday is one of those times. It is also the first Sunday of the fall church school year. So if your friend has children this is the perfect time to start our program. These visitor Sundays give us all an excuse to share the love of God as found in our congregation.


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