The Thrill of Being Done

Today is a great day! I am so happy. Our church’s new website has been launched.

I have been working with a committee of church members for over a year to try to get this thing going. This is the kind of project that always takes about four times longer than I think it will. It is full of little details, loads of copy to write and edit, and many decisions about how to present the material. We are very fortunate to have a great web designer in the church, John Leary, who led this project and did all the actual design work. I think it is a beautiful site. What makes it great is that it is a comprehensive introduction for newcomers and has features that will make it a regular stop for church members looking for needed information.

This has been a huge learning experience for me. Setting up and writing this blog, thinking about how to write for the web, and even making mp3 files of sermons and transferring them to the website were all new experiences. Anyone want a seminar on working with audio files in Audacity? More things to add to the list of “ministry skills I didn’t learn in seminary.”

I’m sure I will shortly begin receiving emails from our members pointing out things we forgot. That is good. Being part of a community is like the web (we ministers make metaphors of everything)—an on-going process of editing and revision.

For now, I am going to spend a few minutes basking in the accomplishment of a project that is declared DONE.


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