Turn the Other Cheek?–A sermon on Bullying

Most Sundays during the school year we have our church school classes for children at the same time as worship. We begin church at 10:00 AM with everyone, adults and children, present. Then after the opening words and music I tell the children a story that is just for them. Following the children’s time they leave worship to go to their church school classes that last until the end of worship–usually a little after 11:00.

Several times each year we have intergenerational worship services. These are usually held on holiday weekends. On these Sundays we all stay in worship together for the entire hour. This gives our teachers a well-earned break, and also allows our children to experience the complete worship experience. This is important so that they may learn more hymns and prayers and how worship works. I know that for many of them this may be boring. To keep their interestI try to focus these intergenerational services on the children and their parents. The service is a little shorter, the hymns are easy to sing and I try to choose a sermon topic that they will appreciate.

This month I am preaching on hot social issues, so I chose bullying as the topic for this past Sunday’s (February 20) intergenerational service. Even if aren’t a child you may want to listen–we all get bullied in life at one time or another, regardless of our age.

February 27 2011 turn the other cheek


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