February Sermons

Sometimes it can be a  challenge to preach interesting sermons every week of the year. One way I do this is to have sermon series that develop particular topics. Since Lent does not start until March this year I decided to have a February sermon series on current hot button social issues. My focus will be to explore what the Bible has to say about these topics and how this influences public discussion and policy. Here is the worship schedule and sermon topics:

v  February 6: Marriage Equality—One of the most controversial topics for today is same sex marriages. This debate often sees Biblical verses tossed around like snowballs. I will examine how our Open and Affirming policy leads to a new path in this controversy.

v  February 13: Evolution Weekend—For many of us the historical conflict between the Biblical stories of creation and the scientific understanding of evolution may to have been settled years ago. Yet, the conflict continues to rage, especially as proponents of creationism seek to modify textbooks to reflect their position.

v  February 20: School-yard (and older) Bullies—On this intergenerational worship service I will address the children and their parents with a sermon on bullies in our schools and communities. My focus will be to promote healthy relationships.

v  February 27: Poverty and the Income Gap—Jesus talked about money more than anything else, except the Kingdom of God. One out of every seven verses in the book of Luke concerns money. Jesus had a clear interest in helping the poor. How do his teachings speak to our current efforts to eliminate poverty?

If you are in the area I hope you can join us. And, if you do, let me know what you think. I’ll try to upload the audio files to the church website and my blog for those of you out of town.


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