Like Honey

It is safe to assume that if polling were done the approval rating for snow would be lower than that for congress. After this latest dumping of the white stuff it seems that most people in the New York area have had way more than enough.

Snow brings on an excitement that is short-lived in most people. We revert to our childhood sense of wonder on the sighting of the season’s first flakes. The happy cries of “Oh, look, it’s snowing!” only last for the first couple of storms. Then it becomes a dismaying, “Oh, no, it’s snowing.” Due to the family nature of my blog I cannot quote what I hear most people saying about snow these days.

Caring for a parking lot makes it even worse. Snowflakes now look like dollar bills to me as I think about the amount of money we spend at the church on snow plowing, and heat. With this much snow we continue to lose spaces in our lot as there is no place left to put the snow.

Obviously it is time for an attitude tune-up. As a pastor I start to consider how the snow can be a metaphor for the many blessings of God that continually fall down upon us. That may be true, but, honestly I cannot go to such a positive place just yet. First, I need to remember the more existential view of Ecclesiastes.

For everything there is a season. Winter is a season for cold and snow. At least that is the way it is in these northern climates. If I am going to live here, and if I want to feel connected to this place, then I need to make peace with the rhythms of the climate. “There is a time to plant, and a time to pluck what is planted,” and a time to be covered in snow, and there will be a time for the snow to melt.

So how does one become part of the rhythm of this winter? Here are some things that helped me—go sledding, make a snowperson, reframe shoveling as exercise, find someone who really needs help in this weather, help them, enjoy the indoors, drink hot chocolate (lots), and, explore the inner journey of spirituality in prayers, reading and worship. And, most of all, slow down. I would prefer to completely hibernate, but since I cannot do that, I can try to move slower. It is dangerous on the roads, slow down. It is slick, walk carefully. Just as honey flows more slowly when cold, so should i.

Now I can start counting my blessings. Embrace the snow.


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