One Week to Go

Only one week to go. At the church this means we still have four bulletins to print next week for the upcoming worship services. Since our office is closed between Christmas and New Year’s we need to prepare for January 2 as well. It is hectic, but it is all good stuff. And thanks to uber-secretary Laura we can keep everything straight and get it down on-time.

Christmas worship is the best for me. The stories are so uplifting and interesting, the music is terrific and the energy of the children just fills my heart. It does not hurt that I do not do much preaching in the next week. This Sunday is our annual “Twelve Gifts of Christmas” lessons and carols service. On Christmas Eve we have the pageant at 5:30 PM and then the Candlelight Communion at 10:00 PM. And the Sunday after Christmas is also a lessons and carols service.

One of the high points of the season is listening to children sing. This morning was Allie’s four-year-old class concert at Noah’s Ark. What a joy. I hope my video turned out because I wasn’t sure if it was out of focus, or if the tears in my eyes just made it seem that way. (I do get more sentimental as I get older.)

Another high point is having church members and friends come to our open house on Sunday.  We love to share our home at Christmas and everyone just has to see the lumpiest Christmas tree ever that sits in our living room.

Only one week to go. I hope you can savor the anticipation and enjoy the preparations.


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