A Season of Service

We are beginning the season of cold and dark. Winter is descending with ever shorter days and falling temperatures. It is no surprise that light is a powerful symbol for winter holidays. We need some light to brighten our lives and to remind us of the hope that is always present. The Advent wreath is one way we prepare for the light of the world that we celebrate at Christmas.

For many in our church winter’s cold and dark are inconveniences that require us to bundle up and limits our outdoor activities, but winter is much more serious for some of neighbors in Huntington. Particularly in this time of economic stress, more and more of our neighbors are going without meals, or, even, losing their homes.

The Outreach Ministry is issuing a challenge to our congregation to brighten this dark time of year for our neighbors in need. We have declared the 2010-11 winter as a “Season of Service.” There are dire needs in our community that can only be addressed with hands-on volunteer service to others. As we give gifts to celebrate the gift of Jesus, may we give the gift of ourselves to help neighbors we have not yet met.

During the next few months we challenge all of our members to perform at least one activity of service per month to someone outside of our church. We have several important ministries that are in real need of volunteers. The Huntington Interfaith Homeless Initiative (HIHI) has begun housing the homeless of Huntington and our fist turn to work for it is on December 18. We also have our Peace and Plenty food program that prepares lunches for children and youth in Huntington. They meet every Monday at 7:00 PM in our fellowship hall. You don’t need to sign up—just show up. And if books are more your thing then volunteer to read to children in the Reading Circle literacy outreach. There are many places to serve—will you accept the challenge to volunteer once a month?

We are going to ask our members to report to us when they volunteer so that we can keep a running total of the total amount of hours volunteered in the next three months. And at the end of the program, the beginning of Lent, we will honor all those volunteers who participated in our “Season of Service”—hopefully everyone!

It is often said that through giving we receive the most meaningful gift. You have surely felt the satisfaction that comes through giving a nice present to a loved one. Imagine how great it will feel to know you have made a difference in another person’s life by just giving a couple hours of your time.


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