Sermon Confusion

I am afraid I did not do a very good job of communicating this past Sunday. I hope it doesn’t happen often, but I really goofed this past week.

After the scripture reading I announced that I did not have a sermon ready for this Sunday, but in my research I had uncovered an old letter that I thought was worth reading in place of the sermon. I then read a letter that was written by a man named Abe who was an eyewitness to the miracle story that we had just heard from the gospel of Luke (Luke 13:10-17). He was writing to his friend Nathan to tell him about the miracle and to try to understand what happened.

Following the service the worshippers filed out with the usual complimentary comments things, “Good sermon, nice job.”

Early in the week I received an email from a parishioner who said she liked the letter and was wondering where I found it on-line so that she could read it herself. I then talked to a couple of other worshippers and asked them where they thought the letter was from. They both also assumed I read a letter written by someone else—not from the first century, but a later fictional account.

The only problem is that I wrote the letter myself. I tried to be clever in my introduction, but was instead confusing. Sorry about that. The good news is that someone liked it enough to write and ask for a copy.

I hope these final days of summer are going well for you. I will keep trying to be creative during the summer Sunday. Caution—you never know what you might hear in worship.


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