Old Time Religion

The tables are ready. The sanctuary looks great.

This Sunday is an agape meal. This is possibly one of the oldest Christian traditions. When the first “People of the Way” (Christians before so named) met to talk about Jesus they did it in home churches in which they gathered to remember him while they ate. In this manner they emulated Jesus’ last supper and began the practice that has led to our communion meal. During an agape meal we eat together while talking about Jesus and his impact on our lives.

It is much easier to show you the picture of the sanctuary than to try to describe it. I love to rearrange the sanctuary during the summer. This season is one of breaking our schedules and experiencing life in a new way—and so it is in church. I am psyched for this Sunday. I love the old time religion, but it is best when we relearn it in new ways. Sometimes going really old school is the best way to make something new. That is what this Sunday will be about. The summer theme is “Joy—and how to spread it.” We’ll start the season off right with the joy of sharing a good meal with our brothers and sisters in faith.


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