Musty Church?

CCH Sanctuary on Easter Sunday

The Village Tattler is an on-line news site about Huntington. They recently reviewed a performance by Katryna and Nerissa Nields, held at our church by the Folk Music Society of Huntington. I was amused by the review of our sanctuary, “The Congregational Church in Centerport is one of the FMSH’s core venues. The inside of the church is small and dates back to the 60’s giving it a very comfortable musty and dark wood feel of a hippie church that reminded me of Sunday mass in Telluride, Colorado with the good Father conducting services in Birkenstocks. The acoustics are clear and clean providing a great venue for a folk music performance. Tickets are $20 and the performances you’ll find in this low-key space will pleasantly surprise you.”

We are funky and the church is comfortable, but I must protest that we are never musty.


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