We Are All Connected

“It is a small world.”

“Seven degrees of separation.”

“We’re all connected.”

Clichés such as these sometimes seem trite, until we are reminded by events that they are true. Who would have thought that a volcano in Iceland would interrupt a concert at our church in Centerport? That is exactly what happened this past week.

We had scheduled a concert with the Amaranth Duo, starring our music director David Broome on piano and Olivia de Plato on violin. It promised to be a wonderful performance of music by 20th century classical composers. The congregation worked hard to prepare for this event. Press releases went out early. Color flyers were distributed. Mailings were sent to local schools. Members of the church planned the reception. We were all ready to go. Then Mother Nature intervened. It didn’t matter how good we did our work, when all the flights in Europe were cancelled, we could not do anything about it. David was left stranded in Vienna following concerts in Rome.

David seems to be handling his one week delay in Vienna quite well. He is staying with relatives of Olivia and they are hoping to reschedule our concert. Given all the events planned in May we are having difficulty setting a new date. Church Council will have to work on this at their next meeting.

One good side effect is more publicity for the church. After sending cancellation notices to local new outlets we received a call from the Long Islander asking about the delay. You can read their article about this at http://www.longislandernews.com/papers/longislander/news/news2.html.


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