You Just Have To See…

Earlier this week I exchanged recommendations for television shows with a friend. He likes “24” and I suggested a fun comedy like “Modern Family.”

Yesterday a different friend told me I should buy a new album that she loves.

This morning another friend recommended a restaurant to try.

It is common to share places, movies, shows, and things we like with friends. Part of the fun of having an experience is sharing it with others. Often after watching a movie I will think immediately of the people I think would like it. Usually I will share this information the next time I see them, but sometimes I am so excited that I will go out of my way to phone or email the information.

My friends do not always agree with me, but that is ok. I won’t start watching “24” just because my friend recommended it. And last time I told a friend he had to watch a movie, he hated it. No problem. In a way the disagreement teaches us something about each other and the respectful divergent views leads us to be closer together as friends.

So why are we so hesitant to talk about our church with people outside of it? It could be, though I hope not, that church is not so interesting that we think anyone else will want to hear about it. Or, it could be that everyone else does regularly talk about church, and I am the only reluctant one.

Yes, I admit it. I do not regularly tell everyone about CCH and what great programs we have. For me the biggest impediment is that it brings up old tapes of door-to-door evangelists, and I do not want to be one of them. Religion sometimes seems like a personal matter and to bring it up with friends is to cross into a no-discussion land.

This is one of the reasons I like the new UCC promotional campaign, “The Language of God.” It is an online video that is designed to be easy to share with friends on-line. I have posted it on my Facebook page, have emailed to friends (including the ones I don’t usually discuss church with) and have posted about it on my blog. The video is an easy, painless, way to tell someone about this place that I love.

The other reason I like the video is that it reminds me of what I great denomination we have. Our church, and the larger church, is a faith-filled, interesting, serving, loving place. I am very proud to be a part of CCH and the UCC. Sometimes it takes a dramatic presentation like this to remind me of what I can take for granted.

So I have shared the video, and now I invite you to do the same. The link to the video is: Just highlight the link, copy it, and paste it in a new email to send to friends. Easy. It can also be seen at and on our church facebook page:!/pages/Centerport-NY/Congregational-Church-of-Huntington-UCC/110548368979123. If you are on facebook, please share the video on your wall. Let’s keep it spreading around the web.

Now that I have shared the video I am also making a pledge to myself to talk about the programs of the church on a more regular basis. I’ll begin by inviting some friends to David Broome’s concert next week. Want to join me?


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