I am so cold! Sorry to start my letter with a complaint. One of the unfortunate facts of our beautiful building is that the 1960’s building techniques are terrible for heating. When the mercury fall this low it is almost impossible to keep our glass and cinder block buildings warm.

I do love our building. A few minutes ago I showed the sanctuary to a first time visitor and in the last afternoon the stained glass is stunning. The sanctuary was designed to reflect the theology of the church—the priesthood of all believers so we are all on the same level. But, I think the uniqueness of the space also symbolizes the unique character of our congregation. A little idiosyncratic, but beautiful.

Days like this also cause me to daydream about making this place more energy efficient. That is definitely a long-term goal. The Trustees have investigated replacing these windows, but given the style of construction, it requires a complete rebuild to change the windows. In the meantime, we keep doing everything we can to make real in the building our concern for the environment.

We have done most of the simpler things to be green: recycling, green products, educational programs, but there is so much to be done in the future. This is definitely an effort that will take all our efforts. If you see something that will improve our energy savings and decrease our impact on the environment, please let me know. This is a real priority for me and the Trustees.

In the meantime, pray for warmer weather.


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