Advent Piling On

I need help. The Christmas spirit is already beginning to feel like an elephant on my shoulders. It all began well. I really felt in control about a week ago. I had thought through the values I wanted to emphasize for the season, I had made my basic list of things to do. It all seemed very doable and I was enjoying the Advent season. I even had started working on the Christmas Pageant early.

Each day this week I remembered another dozen things that I had left off of my list. And the stuff I think I have under control keeps slipping from my grip. At night, as I count down the days until Christmas, I feel like I am on the edge of the holiday cliff and will soon plunge down under the weight of expectation and duty. Aggghhhhh…..

So, what do I do? Well, with the light of day things don’t look so bad. And, it is time to start casting some of the stuff overboard. Having the Christmas I want, means not having the exact kind I have had before. While I work out my inner holiday spirit I do want to let you know about two new turns on our Advent season here at the church.

For many reasons the church council has decided to change the Advent party that is being held this Sunday. We will not have the centerpiece making for adults. We will have the traditional children’s ornament making. The adults are invited to help decorate the church for Christmas during the Advent party. Our Deacons will have all the decorations ready and we need you to hang the wreaths and roping, erect and decorate the tree, and make sure our church looks its holiday best. After we hang the greens we will gather in the sanctuary and sing carols before the Pilgrim Fellowship spaghetti dinner. The party begins at 4:00, with dinner at 6:00. I will also begin to assign pageant parts during the Advent party.

The second change is that we will not have an adopt-a-family for the congregation this year. The PF will adopt-a-family and the rest of the church will be asked to contribute gifts to the Family Service League’s Project TOY. We will be collecting new gifts for children, unwrapped, that will be taken to the Project TOY store, where parents will be allowed to select gifts for their children. This is a great way to contribute items that really are wanted and allows the parents the opportunity to select the gifts for their own children. We will have lists of suggested toys in church on Sunday.

I feel better already having finished writing this and to have let everyone know of the changes. I hope you are enjoying Advent—I am, really.


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