Thanksgiving Confession

I started Sunday’s sermon by talking about Thanksgiving dinner. The relevant sermon point was that the first part of the dinner is the healthiest. I was referring to the annual ritual of naming something of which you are thankful. Medical researchers tell us that gratitude reduces stress, and improves our mental and physical health. So being grateful causes happiness, not the other way around. That was my primary message.

But, I may have misled the congregation on Sunday. During a sidebar in the sermon (a sidebar is one of my meandering discussions on some topic that is only tangentially related, usually done when I’m trying to be funny) I said there are two kinds of people on Thanksgiving—turkey people and side dish people. I then went on to brag about my prowess in turkey cooking.

Besides the possible inappropriateness of boasting in a sermon, I also implied that I would be cooking a turkey tomorrow. This isn’t true. In fact, I haven’t cooked a turkey on Thanksgiving for many years. Because I genuinely like turkey, and I don’t eat beef or pork, I do cook turkey at other times of the year. I particularly enjoy smoking turkey breasts.

One of the reasons we don’t cook on Thanksgiving is that we like to go to the Macy’s parade. My wife, Ronnie, works on Broadway, just north of Macy’s, and so we have a tradition of watching the parade from her office. I know, very sweet. But, this year the parade route has moved to 6th Avenue—bummer. We still may go with the hope of being able to walk over the one block for good parade viewing. Though many of the streets are blocked off in that area so this may not work.

Fortunately, Ronnie’s sister and her husband have invited us to dinner. They are both foodies and work as wine wholesalers, so we can expect a fine feast. Then we’ll watch the Broncos-Giants game. Since both teams are doing so badly it may actually be interesting, especially as the Broncos will snap their losing streak. Sorry to you Giants fans.

I may not be cooking a turkey, but I am certainly going to eat some—dark meat for me, please.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.


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