I’ll Take Kindness Over Bad Luck

Today’s primary theme for most people is probably luck, or the lack of it. There is even a name for the fear of Friday the 13th—it is called paraskevidekatriaphobia. Go to Wikipedia to learn the complex etymology of that word.

I was glad to see that there is another focus for day—it is World Kindness Day. I don’t know where this comes from, but in some countries November 13 is an official holiday dedicated to kindness. It doesn’t really matter who started it, any chance to promote being nice is a good day in my book. So I’m thinking what kindness I can do today. Why don’t you join me? Do something nice that you wouldn’t have ordinarily done. Here’s some ideas I lifted from a kind website:

v Leave something special on the neighbor’s doorstep. Flowers, a baked good, an invitation to share a meal.
v Make your kid’s bed. Do the one chore your kid hates the most for him/her.
v Make a contribution toward change and one-dollar bills from piggy banks count too.
v Write a thank you or draw a picture for someone you love. Tell them what you love about them and thank them for being themselves.
v Pick up some trash. Spend an hour cleaning up a park, school, or even your neighborhood.
v Try to smile at 10 people today.
v Visit a grandparent or elderly friend.
v Start an Acts of Kindness list.

Even one little act makes the world a better place. You may even reverse someone else’s bad luck. Happy World Kindness Day!


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