I love Halloween. It has everything to make a good time—silly games, children in costumes, and, or course, lots of sugar. I view the holiday as a chance to shake off the usual veneer and take on a new persona. Want to be a ghost for a day? Or Madonna? Or Cheerios? Go for it. Have fun.

There are many of us, though, who do not put on a mask or silly outfit. It has been years since I have put on a costume. Probably the last time was when our youth group created a haunted house and I was the ghoulish preacher at a funeral. (Typecast, I know) It is not that I am anti-costume, I just don’t have the opportunity to get dressed up.

I do enjoy seeing the children running around in their costumes. Each year the children of our Noah’s Ark Nursery School have a parade in the fellowship hall. Over the years I have gone to watch the excited parents with all their cameras as much as to see the children. This year, with Allie in the three-year-old class, I was there with two cameras strung around my neck! I’m sure others were chuckling at me in all my fatherly goofiness.

Everyone who participates in Halloween on any level does, indeed, put on a new persona. It doesn’t matter if you wear a superhero outfit, or your jeans. For one night we all become the generous prankster. Children run from door-to-door, adults freely hand out candy to anyone who rings the bell, and we all believe, for an eve, that the most important thing in the world is to enjoy our children and be generous to each other. It is an alternative reality that reveals a desire for our communities.

I hope you have a Happy Halloween.


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