Do-Gooder Budgets

If asked their favorite part of church, I assume most church folk would not respond, “business meetings.” No one on their deathbed says, “I wish I would have spent more times at church meetings.” Lets face it; congregational meetings are not known for wild times.

But meetings must be held. Why? For the same reason that I tell any young person who wants to do good and still make a living to study accounting, or get an MBA. You can’t feed the hungry, house the homeless, create interfaith groups, save the environment, or build a loving world without budgets. Someone has figure out how all the do-gooders are going to be paid and how best to spend the money they raise.

As a congregational church we do all the hard work of budgets and elections through committees, of course. Our by-laws require us to have two general meetings each year. This Sunday is the fall budget meeting. Yes, it is just as it sounds. The Trustees present a challenge budget for next year, and Paul DeOrsay, stewardship chair extraordinaire, will kick-off our fall pledge drive.

As this is CCH we don’t just have a meeting, so we make it a meal. And, to really add some spice, a cooking contest. This year we are having a chicken soup (and vegetarian alternatives) cook-off. So be sure to join us after church on Sunday for lunch. We’ll have a good time sampling soup and sharing stories. And, yes there will be a meeting. A very important meeting, because we can’t do all our good, pay our salaries, or support our denomination without a budget.


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