First Day of School

Our daughter, Allie, started preschool last week. Since the last time I had a child start pre-school was twenty years ago I had forgotten the excitement of going to class for the very first time. (Anna will graduate from St. Joseph’s University in December and Mari is a senior at Binghamton University).

It is really fun to go to school. Especially when school entails coloring, snacks, playing, listening to stories and singing. Allie attends our own Noah’s Ark Nursery School so I can look out of my office window and see her in class. I only peak occasionally, but it is great to see her making new friends.

Allie had been talking about going to school for the entire last year. She couldn’t wait to go. Though she still doesn’t quite understand why she can’t take one of those big yellow buses to her school. So far she loves the school.

Watching Allie is a delight due to her unfiltered enthusiasm. The openness of a three year old cannot be beat. Yet, even with her anticipation and enjoyment of going to school we still experience the signs of discomfort that come with any transition. Disrupted sleep patterns and an increased desire to be with her parents are the signs of her latest experience of her own individuality.

No matter our age, and no matter the change, transitions are always bring a measure of anxiety and fear. The mix of emotions of a child is just more clearly on display. You may also notice the emotions displayed on her father—excitement for her, amazement at watching her grow, and some anxiety of wanting to protect his little girl. (This applies no matter what age)

No matter your stage of life I hope the transition to the fall is going well.


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