I’m Back

This week I returned to the church after my summer sabbatical. I had an amazing summer and I come back to the church fired up for a wonderful fall. I come back energized by my many wonderful experiences and also because of the great work of the church that was done while I was gone. I received many reports of meaningful worship over the summer.

The first thing I want to say on my return is “Thank you.” Thank you to everyone who helped to make sure the church cruised along in my absence. I don’t even know about all who helped but special mention needs to go to our church secretary Laura who kept working all summer, to our church officers who made sure their committees did the work that needed to be done, and, especially, to our Deacons and the many worship leaders who insured that Sunday morning services not only continued, but did so very well. I appreciate the understanding of our members for the need for periodic sabbaticals and to everyone who gave so generously of their time.

I must admit the transition back to the office is difficult. Just putting on socks in the morning is a challenge, not to mention a tie. And it seems as if I forgot how to write in the past few months. I need to ask for some patience as I get back up to full-speed. The enthusiasm is here, but the energy is still building.

I’m sure that Sunday will be a great kick in the seat of my sabbatical be-hind. I really missed seeing everyone this summer. I can’t wait for our welcome back breakfast and outdoor worship service. If you haven’t been before, this is one of the best Sundays of the year. We have a pot-luck breakfast at 8:45 followed by worship on the church lawn at 10:00. So bring some food to share (I personally like quiche, fruit salad, and a donut for this event, hint, hint) and you might want a hat and sunglasses as the service is in the sun. Yes, it will be sunny on Sunday morning.

I have many great stories from my sabbatical that I will save for sermon illustrations. I hope to hear about your summer stories this Sunday when I see you in church. I would also love to catch up in more depth-how about lunch or coffee together? If I don’t call you, please call me, let’s get together.


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