We’re Ready

The sanctuary is set-up. The bulletins are printed. The robe has been dry-cleaned. All the important things are ready for Easter to begin.

Holy Week at CCH this past Sunday with a cantata by our choir, The Rose of Calvary. It was a moving and beautiful expression of the story of Jesus. Thank you to the choir for all their hard work and to choir director David Broome for leading them in such a big endeavor.

The week continues tonight with our Maundy Thursday service, complete with communion and Tenebrae. If you haven’t come before, I urge you to make this dramatic service a part of your Easter routine. It begins at 8:00 PM in the sanctuary.

Sunday will begin on Fleet’s Cove beach at 6:30 AM. Writing this reminds me to add to the to-do list the moving of our big wooden cross from the church basement to the beach on Saturday. That’s always a highlight of my year—just picture me driving down Washington Drive with a cross hanging out of my car.

We cap off the week with our big Easter service at 10:00 AM. It’s a big week, but then it is a big event. Resurrection. The goal of all of this church activity is to create space so that a resurrection happens in our lives. Let us pray.


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