Overflow Crowd

We had over 50 non-church members making lunches at the church on Monday night. Every Monday we hold our Peace and Plenty Interfaith Food Program during which breakfast rolls and lunches are prepared for Huntington’s homeless. On a typical Monday 8-10 people make 100-150 lunches. This Monday night the big group made 300 lunches and 200 buttered rolls with hardboiled eggs-all within thirty minutes! Many hands do make light work.

This large turn-out and the great work was made possible by USAService.org. As you probably heard on Monday’s news, there was a big push for volunteer service to commemorate Dr. King’s birthday. Anne Canadeo signed up our project as part of the national effort. Many people in the community found our project because of this national website.

By Monday afternoon we knew that we would have an overflow crowd. I must admit I was little nervous about how it would turn out. I was afraid that people would make the effort to come here (people came from as far as North Babylon and Merrick) and would be disappointed that we didn’t have more for them to do. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded.

The spirit was high in the Fellowship Hall on Monday night. All the participants seemed to have a need to do something as an outlet of the enthusiasm they felt for the day. Each one expressed gratitude for being included in the event and most promised to come back on another Monday to help some more. We also took everyone’s email to inform them of future events and programs at the church.

This is the best kind of church event. We did important ministry for people in need of food and for people in need of serving. I pray we may find more and more such opportunities in the future.


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