MLK Weekend: Praise and Serve

This Sunday we will celebrate the ministry of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in our worship service. As is my personal routine, I will be preaching on a topic of Dr. King’s and will see how we are doing today. This Sunday I will reflect on the Poor People’s Campaign.

In addition to worship on Sunday morning there are two other opportunities to celebrate the King holiday. There will be a special worship this Sunday, January 18, entitled, “When Will We Hear Kr. Martin Luther Kings Jr’s Call to End Poverty?” This service will be at St. Matthews Church, 35 North Service Road, Dix Hills, at 7:00 PM.

The second chance calls us to put our words into action. President-Elect Obama has called on Americans to recognize the King holiday through volunteer service. There is a national organization called USA Service that is coordinating volunteers for this weekend. We have listed our Peace and Plenty Lunch making program on their website:

The lunch-making begins at 7:00 PM on Monday and we need donations of:
· Fresh fruit ( Bananas are always a good idea)
· Spreads for bread– (margarine, butter, cream cheese)
· Packaged cheese for sandwiches — American, Swiss, Munster, etc. ,
· Mustard, barbeque sauce and ketchup.
· Cookies and cereal bars
· Plastic sandwich bags, paper lunch bags
· We are also in need of food we can cook for hearty sandwiches: such as chicken, turkey, ham, pork roast, etc
· Hard boiled eggs

Make this weekend a time to worship and to serve.


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