The Church Singing Cure

Singing has to be one of the greatest benefits of church. How many places in your life do you listen to live music, and how many places do you actually get to sing? It happens every Sunday morning in church. I find it to be such a release to just belt out a hymn. I know I’m not being judged for my performance, no one cares how I sound, and I can join with a whole bunch of other tune-challenged shower singers in letting it all go.

Group singing can be truly exhilarating. It combines the good feelings of being part of a community with the fun of music to create a wonderful experience. I hope you don’t hold back while singing hymns. Don’t worry about quality-no one can sing worse than me. Besides, the organ makes any group sound good. I think that is why churches like organs so much. Musicians talk about “supporting” the singing. I say it is to make the congregation sound better

Perhaps we could start a new church growth campaign-come to church so you can sing! I haven’t done the research, but I’m sure there must be studies that demonstrate that singing is good for your health. I know it relaxes me. We could advertise the experience of group singing as beneficial to your heart, lungs and your long-term cerebral functioning (or whatever ails you).

I’m thinking about all of this because we have two chances to hear good music this Sunday. Besides our usual Sunday morning service we are hosting a concert by Patricia Shih. Ms. Shih is a well-known family musician who presents many concerts a year for children and adults. This Sunday the theme will be “Caring for the Environment.” The concert is perfect for young children, but would be fun for any ages. It is at 2:00 in the sanctuary. You can buy tickets at the door. We will also be having a white elephant sale of children’s toy and accessories-so bring to donate, or come to buy. Be sure to invite your friends for what promises to be a very enjoyable concert. Thanks to Neila Werner for initiating and coordinating this concert.


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