PF and UCC

I would like to tell you about two church programs this week. The first is our own events for our Pilgrim Fellowship Youth Group and the second is the national UCC advertising campaign.

The Pilgrim Fellowship Youth Group is for all 6-12 graders in the church. They are directed by the Youth Ministry, a committee of six adults who work with the kids to plan programs of interest to them. Young people in our church also have a youth discussion group on Sunday mornings that is led by Jack Moir. Jack has been leading this group for many years and does a wonderful job guiding lively conversations.

The next PF event will be this coming Monday night. The PF has taken the responsibility to make the lunches for our Peace and Plenty food program. All youth are invited to be at the church at 7:00 PM for sandwich making. If you can, please bring donations to help– fruit, cookies, paper bags, plastic sandwich
bags, tinfoil, and spread for breakfast rolls (margarine, cream cheese, etc.). In October we have scheduled a game night on October 19, at 6:00 PM and a trip to a haunted house on Sunday, October 26.

On a completely different topic: the United Church of Christ is going to be running national TV commercials in the next couple of weeks. The denomination raised special funds to be able run the ad, entitled “All the People,” on several cable networks. You can view the ad and learn more about the campaign at It is possible this may encourage some people to check us out. So, as always, be sure to put out your hand and say “Hi” to new people you see in church. We may think we are a friendly church, but no one else will know that unless we show them.


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