Breakfast Time

A fond memories from my childhood is eating breakfast. One of my father’s favorite activities was to have breakfast in the mountains. My family lived on the edge of the Denver metro area so it was a short car ride, 45 minutes or so, to some lovely mountain parks. We would get up early on a Saturday, pack the car with a cooler of eggs, bacon, pancake mix, and juice, a big cast iron skillet, our Coleman stove, and us five kids and head to the hills. After finding a picnic table in a park, usually near Evergreen CO, we would make a huge breakfast and after eating would take a hike. It still seems to me that the aroma of bacon and eggs should be accompanied by pine.

I am a big fan of breakfast no matter the place or time. Breakfast for supper is a favorite meal—be it omelets, pancakes, waffles, or, even, cereal. Perhaps it is the comfort element of these meals, or maybe just the carbs and fat, but they taste good anytime.

This is one of the reasons I am so glad we begin the fall church season with breakfast. It tastes so good. Even better than the great food, though, is the chance to see friends who I missed over the summer. This Sunday is our famous, and delicious, welcome back breakfast. It begins at 8:45 AM in the Fellowship Hall and it is a potluck. Don’t worry if you don’t cook—bagels and donuts are always welcome. (Or maybe the cinnamon rolls from Copenhagen Bakery.)

Following breakfast we plan to have an outdoor worship service. Let’s hope for good weather.


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