Do you remember the feeling of belonging as a child? Belonging to your family, to your school, to your group of friends, to a church? The comfort of being part of a caring group of people was an important part of my childhood. The naïve uncertainty of childhood is quieted when we are surrounded by adults, and peers, who care about us.

I was lucky as a child as I had the circle of my immediate family, a large extended family, and other support groups—including our church. When I think of the churches of my childhood I don’t remember too many details, but the predominant memory is the feeling of belonging.

The circle of care is one of the most important gifts we give to our children in the church. Our Church School classes and programs are integral to what we do, but all our members help raise our children, just by your loving presence.

This Sunday is our annual Church School Sunday. The children of our church will lead the worship service and we will honor our teachers for their hard work. We will also give Bibles to our 1st graders, award Certificates to our 5th graders, and present attendance awards. Led by our children this promises to be a warm and rewarding service for us all. Most importantly, though, by your presence you assure our children that they matter and that they have a home at CCH.

I would like to thank Linda Temperino for the fantastic job she does as the Director of our Church School. She keeps the whole program running and she always does it with a smile. She is a pleasure to work with. Be sure to tell her how important she is to our children when you see her in church on Sunday.


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