Food Hotline

Did you know that we are the first church with a Food Rescue Hotline? At least I never heard of such a thing before. Anne Canadeo sent me the following paragraph to pass on to everyone concerning the Peace and Plenty Interfaith Food Outreach:

“Wondering what to do with your summer party leftovers? Donate them to Peace & Plenty Interfaith Food Outreach — we happily accept barbeque foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak, etc. (cooked and uncooked) cold cuts, cheese, rolls, chips, cookies and cake. Also, ketchup, mustard, barbeque sauce. No salads with mayonnaise please due to possible spoilage. Please leave all donations in the church kitchen or in the refrigerator at the back of Fellowship Hall, behind the curtain, marked for the program. If you can’t manage to drop the food off, please call our Food Rescue Hotline: 261-6590. Thanks for sharing the plenty with those in need.”

I love the thought of a call coming into the hotline and a dispatcher sending out a specially equipped van, complete with a big CCH Food and Plenty logo splashed on the side. The team rushes to the site of the recently completed party and loads up with great food that we will not let go to waste!

No, the heat is not getting to me. And I think our rescue team is quite modest; in fact I’m not sure what it involves. I’m guessing it is Anne and any family members she can coax into helping her.

I’m excited about this hotline not because of the size of the program, but because of the creativity that conceives of such a thing. That is one of the qualities we wish to nurture at CCH. We want a congregation of creative thinkers who will stick their necks out with new ideas to serve the needy in our community.

What is your idea for service where help is needed? The best way to make it happen is to share it with others in the congregation. I bet you’ll find someone, or a group, to try it out. You never know where the next great program is going to come from.

The NYS lottery likes their slogan, “You never know.” Well, we do know about the lottery—very few people win. But, you never know what you can achieve with a new idea in the hands of a few caring Congregationalists.


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