Holy Humor Sunday

Did you hear the one about…

A man had been shipwrecked on a remote island in the Pacific, and was alone for 20 years. When a ship finally arrived, his rescuers were impressed with the three buildings he had built and asked him about them.
“Well,” the man replied, “this is my house, and that building over there is my church. It’s a wonderful church and I hate to leave it.”
“And what is the third building yonder?” a rescuer asked.
“Oh, that is the church I used to go to,” the man replied.

Did you hear the one about…the church that held a Holy Humor Sunday? That is not a joke. It is happening this week at The Congregational Church of Huntington. That’s right. Our own CCH is going to stop being so earnest and serious for just one Sunday. This week we will test God’s funny bone, and our own ability to tell a good joke.

Many churches celebrate a Humor Sunday on the week following Easter. An old custom held that God played a joke on the devil by raising Jesus from the dead, so Christians played practical jokes on one another on the day following Easter. This joke day eventually moved to the Sunday following Easter. On this day churches turn to the lighter side of life to experience faith in all its forms.

Now, you probably don’t want to count on me for a funny day in church. And you don’t have to. As part of our Holy Humor Sunday we will have times in the service for Humor testimonies. These are funny stories and jokes told by our members. So to prepare for church on Sunday you will not only need to fill out your pledge envelope, but you will also need to think of a good joke to tell. But, do remember, this is church, so keep it clean.

Did you hear the one about…

A pastor was speaking to a group of second-graders about the resurrection of Jesus when one student asked, “What did Jesus say right after He came out of the grave?”
The pastor explained that the Gospels do not tell us what He said.
The hand of one little girl shot up. “I know what He said: He said, ‘Tah-dah!'”


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