Still Complaint Free–At Least Trying

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, don’t
complain. Change your attitude.” Maya Angelou

We have begun the complaint-free challenge at CCH. This past Sunday we distributed purple wristbands for everyone to wear during Lent. The goal is to stop complaining. Every time you do complain you shift the band to the other wrist. I have found this helps me stay mindful of the commitment I have made to be complaint-free. I hope it is helping others. This program is not original with us-we have adapted it from Will Bowen in his book “A
Complaint Free World.” You can learn more about the program at . If you didn’t get a wristband on Sunday we still have more and will have them available each week.

This week has been very quiet at the church. Our Noah’s Ark Nursery School is on vacation so there is very little activity. I took advantage of the vacation week to go with our Pilgrim Fellowship Youth Group to New York on Wednesday to work at a soup kitchen. Nine of our young people, and three adults, traveled together by train and subway to the Broadway Presbyterian Church at Broadway and 114th St. That church hosts an amazing array of programs for homeless and low income persons in the area. Their soup kitchen is called “The Four Star Soup Kitchen” because it is led by a classically
trained chef who treats their guests to some very tasty fare. Wednesday’s lunch was an African theme meal that featured a curry soup and African flavored chicken with some beans that I have never seen before, and was delicious.

I was very proud of our young people. They did everything they were asked to do-and we were the designated maintenance crew for the day. We were cleaning, sweeping, mopping and moving trash most of the day. Everything was done well and with no complaints! While in the neighborhood we also toured the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. It is currently undergoing cleaning from a fire in 2001. The Nave is completely closed off, but the altar and chapel areas have been cleaned already and are spectacular to view.

This Sunday I will be exploring the important role that complaining can play in our lives-if done in moderation. Our Sunday morning Bible study continues at 8:30 AM and the complaint free support group meets following worship.


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