Lenten Installation

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Lent. It is also the day in which we install our new officers and ordain Deacons. Members who serve as our officers and on our boards often do not receive the appreciation they deserve. They do very important work for our church—giving much time to make this church the wonderful place that it is.

Our time is our most valuable commodity. We don’t commit our precious time lightly. I know this and that is why I help our boards to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our church meetings are planned to make sure that our volunteers feel that they are adding value in all the work they do. If they aren’t, I do hope they tell me about it so we may fix any problems in our system.

When you do dedicate time to a volunteer job I hope that you will know how important you are to the church and will have pride in the work you do for the church. We want all of our church programs to be of the highest quality and to truly advance our mission. As a Congregational church it is our volunteers who make this happen.

It is appropriate that the ordination/installation is on the first Sunday of Lent. Lent is a time to rededicate ourselves to God and our spiritual journey. The leaders of our church provide an example of how one may serve in mission to God through the work of CCH. Please join me on Sunday as we dedicate these important servants to their work.


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