Congregationalism at Work

This Sunday we put the Congregation in Congregationalism. People often ask me about the difference between Protestant denominations. The simplest answer is our governance systems. As Congregationalists we are among the most democratic. This Sunday we hold our annual meeting in which we practice our democratic ways. Through this practice the congregation becomes the most important body in the church and our collective wisdom the best discernment of God’s will.

Discerning God’s will sounds like pretty serious stuff. It is important and it is meaningful, but we also have fun. I invite everyone to come to the meeting to not only exercise your right to vote for our officers and the church budget, but also to deepen your relationships with the other members of the church. By engaging in the discussions about our future together we become a more cohesive body of Christ.

And, of course, there will also be food. Members of the church council have volunteered to donate soup for our lunch. We will have five different kinds of soup to try. What more could you ask for? If that isn’t enough, how about some good bread and cookies for dessert?

The annual meeting is the most important meeting of our church year and all members are expected to be present. But don’t come because you are suppose to, come because you may learn more about the church, you may enjoy and good meal, and you will become more connected to this unique expression of God’s community. The meeting follows worship in the fellowship hall.


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