Chili Rookie

Chili Rookie

The first time I made chili I was a college sophomore. My fraternity was having a barn dance (it was Nebraska) in a real barn, at a farm, with hay and all that involves. Since my roommate and I were the only members with a kitchen I was volunteered to make the chili. With instructions from my roommate’s mother and a stockpot borrowed from the school cafeteria I embarked on my biggest cooking challenge to date. I was surprised how easy it was to make—the whole can of chili powder really did it.

The night of the dance was a clear and crisp October evening. We loaded the chili pot in the back of my girlfriend’s car and took off down the country roads to the barn. We almost made it. The last turn was a sharp one. The sound of several gallons of chili falling and sliding over the back seat of the car was quite distinct. We didn’t tell anyone that the final process of the chili preparation was a special mixing technique involving a car seat and a large spoon.

In the years since my chili recipe has improved almost as much as my hygiene. You have a chance to find out this Sunday when we hold the first CCH chili cook-off. We have four entrants—two traditional and two vegetarian. Beside myself there will be Ellen DeOrsay, Linda Sheldon and Gail Engelking. We have room for more. If you think your chili is up to the test, send me an email to officially enter. If you don’t bring chili, then we ask that you contribute cornbread, cookies or salad. To make it easy for you we have assigned these tasks by the first letter of your last name: A-M cookies or cornbread, N-Z salad (green or fruit).

We will also hold the fall congregational meeting on Sunday during the lunch. The purpose of the meeting is to elect a new trustee, to preview the 2008 budget and to kick-off the stewardship campaign. Hope to see you there.

See you in church,


(In case you were wondering—the fraternity chili was a big hit, it took a whole day to clean the car though it still smelled of chili weeks later, and the chili pot sat soaking in our apartment bathroom for about a month before my roommate finally cleaned it—we were sophomores!)

Program Notes:

Service Auction: Our annual service auction is our biggest fundraiser for the church and a really fun night out. This year’s auction is Saturday, November 3, at the Northport Yacht Club. We are now collecting items for the silent and live auction and we have raffle tickets for sale. Be sure to mark your calendar and start soliciting donations.

Pilgrim Thanksgiving Festival: This festival is a celebration of our congregational heritage and a fun event for children and families. It will be held on Saturday, November 10, from 11-3. Be sure to sign up to help on the church bulletin board.


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