UCC Synod

“On Tuesday, June 25,1957, at Cleveland, Ohio, the Evangelical and Reformed Church, 23 years old, passionate in its impulse to unity, committed to “liberty of conscience inherent in the Gospel,” and the Congregational Christian Churches, 26 years old, a fellowship of biblical people under a mutual covenant for responsible freedom in Christ, joined together as the United Church of Christ.” (from UCC website history page)

This past weekend, in Hartford, Connecticut, the UCC held its 50th anniversary celebration. I was only able to be present for the New York Conference part of the meeting on Friday as I had a commitment to be at the national Planned Parenthood board of directors meeting. I am really sorry I missed the festivities in Hartford. The early reviews are very positive.

Saturday’s program was filled with music, dance and all manner of entertainment. They also had speeches that addressed the most important issues of faith and society. Bill Moyer’s gave an impassioned plea for the church to address issues of poverty in the United States and the currently most famous UCC member, Senator Barack Obama, addressed a full auditorium about matters of church and state. It sounds like it was a day of fun and substance.

You can still benefit from the UCC celebration by watching of the video of these and others speeches to the General Synod. The Synod website, http://www.ucc.org/synod/video-archive.html, has a video archive with many of the events of the anniversary celebration. I’m looking forward to watching them all!

As a child of the UCC I have always been proud of my membership in this denomination. This pride was intensified witnessing the manner in which our denomination choose to celebrate this anniversary—with a big party, but also some real challenges for our future.


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