In Gratitude

When I first came to this church, and for quite a few years after, whenever I met someone in Huntington and said what church I was with they invariably replied, “Oh, that’s Malcolm’s church.†The Rev. Malcolm Mooers was my predecessor at CCH and he was quite a presence to follow. Malcolm cut a distinct and notable path in Huntington and contributed much to the larger community. At the church he will be remembered as the pastor who grew this church in its formative years and led the building of the sanctuary.

Minister lore is filled with horror stories of new young ministers who have conflicts with the much-loved and long-serving predecessors. I do admit I had some trepidation about coming to a church that was so identified with one pastor. I soon found I had nothing to fear.

Malcolm was always gracious and helpful to me in my ministry at CCH. He and Marjorie continued to help with the PF ski retreat that was led by his son and daughter-in-law, John and June, for several years. But Malcolm was always there to help, not to run. He would preach at the church when he was in town and needed and was always helpful when I called with a question. One year he filled in last minute when I came back from the ski retreat with such back pain that I was in bed for a week.

I will always be grateful for the Malcolm’s grace during the transition and the continued love and support he has given to CCH in his retirement. I will miss him.

I hope you will join us for Malcolm’s memorial service on July 4, at 1:00 PM in our sanctuary.


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