Church School Sunday

I can still remember first grade Sunday school at the Mayflower Congregational church in Englewood Colorado. It may help that my mother was the teacher, but I have a clear image of sitting in that classroom on Sunday mornings. In second grade we moved to California and the Methodist church in Santa Maria, CA, and so I went to Sunday school there. My childhood church school education was completed at the Columbine United Church, in Littleton, Colorado.

Each of these churches played an important role in my development, not only as a minister, but as a person of faith. I don’t remember the specific lessons as they were taught. I do remember the feelings of love and belonging and care that the teachers, ministers, and church members showed to me as a child. This feeling of belonging is one of the most important factors in faith development. The lessons are important—we want our children to know the Biblical stories and Christian values—but we become faith-filled people by the example of those around us. This is why it is so important to bring children to church and to include them in the congregation.

This past Sunday was Church School Sunday in which we honored the children who will be moving up in classes and gave thanks to the teachers for all they do throughout the year. We cannot thank our teachers and aides enough. They do an amazing job of not only sharing with our children the curriculum, but, more importantly, sharing their faith, love and care.

I also want to thank Linda Temperino for coordinating our Church School this past year following the retirement of Pastor Lois. Linda has agreed to stay in the position and she has lots of great ideas for how to move the program forward. We are grateful for her dedication.

I do wish to share one concern with you. I know the teachers are sometimes frustrated because there is such a turnover in the classes from week-to-week. Our children are involved in many different activities and sometimes it seems that church is a lower priority for their limited time. I need your help—what can we do to encourage more regular attendance from the children in our church? I know this brings up issues of parent’s and children’s busy lives, but we need to address it. If you have any ideas please speak with Linda or me. I have asked her to address this with her committee to try to change patterns for this next year.

This Sunday the Children’s Ministry is hosting their end-of-the-year picnic at Centerport Beach. Children should be taken to the beach at 9:45 and picked up following worship.


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