Post Easter Blues

April 14, 2007

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Thanks to the music and enthusiasm of our congregation it felt like the spirit was really alive on Sunday morning at CCH. The warmth of Easter even cut through the cold on the beach for our Sunrise Service. We had about thirty people brave the cold to worship at Fleet’s Cove Beach. It was a good day.

I’ve lost some of my loving Easter feeling with the ugliness of news and media this week. The Don Imus controversy has again exposed the media’s need to stir division in order to sell tickets, drive ratings, and hawk papers. Imus has always been controversial, but the need to be heard above the crowd led him to new depths of disgrace. Unfortunately, this story is not just about him, but all the shock jocks and hate purveyors who go for the lowest human emotions in order to register the highest profits. (If you don’t think this is about profits be sure to note that CBS decided to pull Imus only after the sponsors started deserting the show.)

Even most “news shows†are entertainment shows that hawk fear and gossip to entice us to watch. This story is about more than one racist comment, or show, but about drive for profits that leads to such sorry actions.

One truly inspiring aspect of the sorry Imus spectacle has been the grace of the Rutgers women’s basketball team. They took their time in reacting to his comments and when they did it was in clear terms about pain they felt. They met with him and said they accepted his apology and are working to forgive him. That is the kind of story that is truly newsworthy.

This has served as a reminder for me is how important faith and the message of compassion and mercy is for our culture. Being a Christian really is counter-culture. We can easily take for granted the words we speak on Sundays, but if the words of love and understanding were truly heard and lived the world would be a very different sort of place. Perhaps a place where the people like the Rutgers players would earn the kind of money and attention that Don Imus had previously enjoyed.


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