Pageant time change–5:30

Christmas Eve Pageant Time Change: It will be at 5:30 PM. There will not be a service at 7:30 PM


This Sunday is a conundrum for worship planners. Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday. What is a church to do? Do we continue with business as usual—church in the morning and the traditional services at night? Do we try something new? Are people going to come to more than one service? And if they don’t, which one will they attend? How many bulletins to print? 


I have heard of a number of different solutions. The most unusual comes from my sister Kristin’s church in Colorado. Kristin is on staff at an evangelical megachurch in suburban Littleton. Her job is to coordinate the volunteers for the pre-school classes. Other staff handles the nursery and older kids. It is a big place. On a typical Sunday they have two morning services (each seating over 1000) and on a normal Christmas Eve they will do four afternoon services. This year they decided to hold four services—8:45 AM, 10:45 AM, 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. Part of the decision making process included, as it does for most churches in Denver, the fact that the Broncos play at 2:00. All four services will be an identical candle lighting service. They have darkened the church windows for those who come in the morning to enjoy their candles. Creative, but it feels unnatural for me. 


Our Deacons began to discuss this problem last spring. We decided to keep Sunday morning as the fourth Sunday of Advent, according to the traditional church calendar. For Christmas we have heard in past years a lot of concern for the late hour of our pageant service. Since this year is a Sunday we decided it would be a good day to move the service to up to 5:30 PM. Hopefully this will make it easier for families to come to the pageant service and then do their family celebrations. The late candlelight communion will remain at 11:30 PM. 


I’m thinking of creating a special pin for worshippers who attend all three services. This would be something like a perfect attendance button. I already know of two families that will be at all three services. It will be a big day of church. 


I hope you can join us for worship—one, two, or three times. Each service is unique and each is designed to break open the joy of Christmas for all. Regardless of how many hours you are in church on Sunday, I wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas day! 


See you in church,





Joys and Concern


This past Sunday during worship Stan North fainted while sitting in the choir. Members of the church quickly tended to him and called 911 for aid. The Centerport Fire Department took him to the Veterans Hospital. Fortunately, Stan was talking before he left the church and he went home on Monday feeling fine. So far the test results have not shown any particular reason why he passed out. Stan thanks everyone for their good wishes and prayers, and he wishes he could have been at the Parsonage Open House.




Program Notes


Christmas Offering: Our special Christmas offering is being divided this year between the HIHI lunch making program and Project Nicaraqua that takes local youth to build homes in that country. Our own Tom McClintock is going this year as a volunteer. Tom has written a letter about the program that I have included at the end of this email.

 Christmas Eve Pageant will be at 5:30 this year. We will not have a service at 7:30 PM 



HIHI Winter Respite Program: We need volunteer for each week to assist at the HIHI homeless program. Sign up sheets are posted on the bulletin board by the church office, or call Anne Canadeo  at 261-6590. 


Coat and Boot Collection: The Outreach ministry is collecting gently used or new coats and boots this winter for the Family Service League and Tri-CYA. 



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