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A Pro-Choice Christian

Category: Compassion, social issues / Speaker: Pastor Mark
May 08, 2018

For the month of May Pastor Mark is preaching a sermon series on “Hot Buttons”–reflecting on some of the most divisive cultural issues. This first sermon in the series is his reflections on a pro-choice...

Easter 2018
A Tale of Two Parades

Category: Christian history, faith, Jesus, Palm Sunday / Speaker: Pastor Mark
March 28, 2018

On Palm Sunday we held a service of Taize chants and readings to prepare us for Holy Week. Pastor Mark offered a brief meditation on the meaning of Palm Sunday as he explained that two...

We’ve Got a Friend

Category: faith, Relationship, Spritual Growth / Speaker: Pastor Mark
March 21, 2018

Pastor Mark’s sermon is a reflection on Jesus telling his disciples that they are his friends. How is friend an important metaphor for our church and even for our understanding of God? Preached on March...

Special Music: Henry Rudaitis, “It’s You I Like”
May We Never Get Used to It

November 17, 2017

Pastor Mark responds to the feelings of resignation that are being expressed in the light of recent mass shootings in the United States. He hears the call for hope in the Prophet Amos’ words that...

Stephen’s Message

Category: Christian history, Martyr / Speaker: Pastor Mark
May 05, 2017

Pastor Mark’s sermon, “Stephen’s Message” is a history lesson in the early church and a caution to be guided by Stephen’s faith and not to be defined by mob thinking.

Easter Special Music: Joy Dawned Again on Easter Day

April 21, 2017

On Easter Sunday our music director, David Broome, presented a new composition based on the traditional hymn “Joy Dawned Again on Easter Day.” The musicians are Hannah Bartfield, trumpet; Jim Uhl, viola; Kathrynne Yland, clarinet;...